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Once more, we have broken down our blog into three departments. One we call “Bits and Pieces of an Ordinary Life (some of which are not so ‘ordinary’). Another, “Begged and Borrowed”, includes items lifted from outside sources that we feel would be worth passing on. We call the third “Etc. Etc. Etc.” for just what that expression implies.

Each article for this week is located in a drop down menu in the bar above the main photo. Just hover over the category with your mouse and select the entry you wish to read. You may also access the individual articles by selecting “open” at the end of each preview below.


To do justice to this blog’s ‘Bits and Pieces’ submission, ‘Misadventures in Paradise’, and out of consideration for our readers’ time and energy, we have again broken it down into short easily bookmarked chapters. We must bow to the reality that in this world of high-tech information delivery, a reader’s attention span is often measured in seconds.

Misadventures in Paradise

The Turkey Farm… One man’s “Turkey” is another man’s bonanza. Welcome to the “I Shoulda’ Club”.   (OPEN)

A Tough Year in the “Hood”… “The customer is always right”. Really? Two brothers’ 50s baptism of pain in South-Central Los Angeles.   (OPEN)


Every day we come across something in the media, on the internet or in other peoples’ blogs that we find interesting or important enough to republish for others. It’s sorta like sharing something one has run across in a newspaper or magazine without the postage.

Preview:  Wall Street moguls don’t always make their mark on Wall Street. My hero lives in Omaha, Nebraska, enjoys a hamburger and fries for lunch and has a passion for chocolate sundaes.   (OPEN)


Etc. Etc. Etc. could be just about anything else we would enjoy sharing with our Blog family.

Preview:  One of the “Beat Generation’s” unique contributions to American counter-culture is the annual ‘Burning Man’ festival. Join us as we visit this extraordinary event in the Nevada desert.    (OPEN)


Readers are invited to comment on any article featured in Geoff’s Blog. A box at the conclusion of each page is provided to encourage reader responses. Negative comments will, of course, be ignored.


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Have you heard the one about the turkey that got away?


With the help of Jennifer Joy, Geoff Nate’s beautiful blog partner.

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